29 January 2020
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IMO Supports Iran's Complaint against US Sanctions

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MRUD NEWS—Iran's complaint to IMO against U.S. unilateral sanctions against Iranian trade vessels has received great support among the member countries.

At the end of 121th meeting of IMO, Iran's complaint against US sanctions in maritime transport was proposed by Mohammad Rastad, head of Iran's Ports and Maritime Organization (IMO) and was supported by the member countries.

Upon analyzing Iran's complaint, IMO in London is firmly asking US and other member countries to avoid any action that might endanger the safety and security of international shipping or might violate international regulations.

In this document, commitment of countries to the international maritime treaties and conventions was emphasized.

Iran had lodged complaint at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) against the U.S. sanctions on Iranian ships.

The letter to IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim was to pronounce Tehran’s protest against U.S. unilateral sanctions against Iranian trade vessels.

The letter has denounced the U.S. sanctions as a violation of international shipping treaties that endangers maritime security. Iran has urged the IMO to hold a council meeting to address the issue.


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