09 December 2019
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‍Corporate Social Responsibility at the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development

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Corporate social responsibility has gained great prominence in policies and projects of Iran's Ministry of Roads and Urban Development.
The concept is vehemently followed up by the Minister at the top of hierarchy, in which Akhoundi insists on making the concept as a strategic initiative for higher efficiency and efficacy through managerial transformations.

"The businesses, individuals, and government policies should not impose costs to society and future generations", he added speaking at the 2nd ceremony for Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

To him, two main manifestations of social responsibility are 'rule of law' and 'citizens rights' that are not to be reduced to charity programs.

Fighting sources of corruption and rent-seeking behaviors is the duty of officials to preserve and respect citizen's rights.

Social responsibility is seriously discussed in the policies of affiliated companies of Ministry of Roads and Urban Development as different organizations are responsible for society, environment, future generations, and many other things beyond sheer economic gains.

One representation is development of Chabahar Port. We see if the development is to deprive citizens' access to the Persian Gulf, the project has failed since the development project could not serve its citizens. In new revisions of Chabahar Development Plans, accessibility to the Gulf is preserved for the citizens.

Similarly, consideration of social responsibility at Imam Khomeini International Airport City is represented in planting tree species that can survive without the need for irrigation as a solution to the crisis of water scarcity, desert greening of a habitat near a capital city, and a better environment for passengers, etc.

Also, Imam Khomeini International Airport City intends to use renewable energies as part of its social responsibility. The company has called for 10MW solar power plant that will be built with the cooperation of the Ministry of Energy.

Waste management is also seen in Terminal 1 and Terminal Salam of Imam Komeini International Airport.

Previously, this company has called for people's proposals for IranShahr Terminal at this airport for greater citizen's participation in large-scale projects. This new terminal has experienced high transparency from its inception as all related data were publicly made available.


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