29 January 2020
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Seeking IranShahr Concept on Canvas

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Social Responsibility
A selection of Marzieh Nazemzadeh's paintings, seeking to depict the concept of IranShahr Civilization, is on exhibition at Vartan House in Tehran from 22-29 May 2018, 9 am - 17 pm.
The creator of these state of the art paintings, who is also working at Investment Office of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, has been particularly inspired by the prevailing thought of IranShahr, proposed and pursued by the Minister.

Nazemzadeh innovatively integrates Ancient Persian Art with the Western Modern Arts, creating abstract figurative paintings in acrylics.

Nazemzadeh started to practice painting from 17 years ago when she was 23. Interestingly, she has studied economics and has a PhD from the University of Antwerp in transport economics. Yet, her instinct and talent has led her to reconcile the two disparate fields of math and art and further a hard field of working and a  soft  field of art.

Worth mentioning that Nazemzadeh has held 4 other exhibitions in Belgium and Netherlands including "Achaemenid Lotus" (symbol of purity) in the Hague, "Light" in Baarle, "Norouz" in the  Hague, and "Blue Lotus" in Antwerp.

To sum up, IranShahr is an evolving Culture and continuous revision of a history that could be sustainable. A culture can sustain when it is the able to resolve the contradictions. So re-evaluating and contemporizing this thought with Islamic, modernism and globalization criteria and far from absolutism and sanctification is a necessity that the idea of IranShahr in the Ministry has laid down.

'Iran's Phoenix Painting Gallery' is on exhibition at Vartan House located in Tehran at Taleqani St. no. 514.


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