19 July 2019
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      • Wednesday 03 July 2019
        Mohammad Eslami
        The Minister

        Hitting Iran Air Flight 655 by USS Vincennes of the United States Navy is not only reminding on 3 July of each year, but also every day that the US is truly vulturous and terrorist. The fact that US has got medal to the ship's weapons officer shows that US pursue no other  goals except imperialism, enslaving nations, and plundering their wealth. With re-naming Bandar Abbas Airport as "Memorial of Martyrs of Airbus Flight no .655", the memory of these martyrs will be repeatedly recorded in the Iranian memory specially the aviation and international community.  

      • Sunday 03 February 2019
        Mohammad Rastad
        CEO of Ports and Maritime Organization

        The first container ship entering along India, Chabahar, and Bandar Abbas is the promising sign of booming North-South Transport Corridor (NSTC) and trade development with India.