| 16 June 2021
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      • Sunday, November 22, 2020
        Mohammad Eslami
        The Minister
        Linking Iran's rail network to the neighboring countries is the top priority in transport policy. In this sense, Khawf-Heart rail project, which its first, second, and third phases is launched on 10 December 2020, will expand and strengthen relations and transit (up to 6 million tons) between Iran and Afghanistan as it is connecting two Persian speaking countries in the region.
      • Friday, December 11, 2020
        Seyed Ghasem Biniyaz
        Seyed Ghasem Biniyaz
        Iran and Afghanistan as two neighboring countries with one common history and culture have always enjoyed the highest level of bilateral relationship which have been increasing in recent years as per their strategic partnership. Currently, Iran is one of the largest commercial partners of Afghanistan and it is expected that the economic, cultural, political, and social transactions will be boosted considerably by operation of Khawf-Herat railroad. Khawf-Herat railroad plays an important role in facilitation of export and import between the two countries. Also it is fundamental in booming mines and mineral industries particularly the iron ore mines. Moreover the railroad ease the travel for the residents of the two countries.
      • Wednesday, November 13, 2019
        Ali  Nabian
        Deputy Minister
        National Action on Housing is one of the most significant levers to fulfill the Islamic Republic of Iran’s major policies in recent years. The outcome of this plan, in addition to economic opening can fulfill expectations of many people which results in the closeness of individuals to the Government. In this plan the Government, with its supportive policies, provides the grounds to satisfy the needs of housing and construction industry on the one hand and to manage and facilitate the customers of this market on the other hand through production boom.

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